Frequently Asked Questions: E911 Information

  • How does it work?

    All AMGTEL accounts come with Enhanced 911 (E911) service by default. When you sign up for service with AMGTEL, your name and address are added to a central 911 database with our 911 provider which ensures the information is sent automatically to the 911 operator during a call.

    • You do not have to do anything differently to use E911; the number for dialing emergency services is still the same: 9-1-1.
  • Power Outages and E911

    A power outage in either the network or in your home will affect your ability to dial 911. Service (including 911/emergency services) will not function during a power outage. A power outage will interrupt communication to and from non-voice communications equipment, including, but not limited to, alarm and security systems or devices, home detection devices and fax machines connected to Unlimited Select or Local Select.

  • Do I have to do anything to activate E911 service?

    No. AMGTEL will automatically activate your 911 service when your service is initially provisioned.

  • What if I am moving

    If you contact AMGTEL before moving to transfer your services, your E911 information will automatically update to your new address.

  • I recently moved and hooked up my services on my own - Do I still need to contact AMGTEL?

    Yes. If you have not informed AMGTEL of your new address, your 911 calls may be directed to the wrong emergency authorities or the wrong address may be transmitted with your E911 call. These errors will occur even if you are otherwise able to make calls using your Voice service.

  • How can I get more E911 information or confirm that AMGTEL has the right E911 information for me?

    You can call AMGTEL to get instant answers to your technical questions.