How AMGTEL works


AMGTEL phone service connects your calls using your high-speed Internet connection, not a traditional phone line, saving you money and giving you more options.


Once you've signed up and chosen a calling plan, you'll receive your AMGTEL phone adapter in the mail.


At that point, you will be 3 steps away from using your new phone service.


Easy 3-Step Setup:

  1. Plug your phone adapter into your existing high-speed Internet connection.
  2. Plug any home phone into the phone jack(s) on the phone adapter
  3. Pick up the phone and start dialing.


That's it. That is all that is required to setup your new digital telephone service.


Take the next steps

  1. Research available digital telephone features
  2. Select which plan is best for your: Residential Service | Business Service
  3. Sign up for service


Sign Up

Easy 3-Step Setup

Plug your phone adapter into Internet connection.

Plug  home phone into the  phone adapter

Pick up the phone and start dialing.